Welcome to Natural Pregnancy Project!

In 2014 I decided to have another baby, my other 2 were 16 & 11 at the time so I felt like I was starting over.  When my other kiddos were born, I didn’t know about GMO’s or what my options were as a mother.  I thought I had to go to the doctor, eat for two, and get to the hospital as soon as labor started.

I’m a little wiser and crunchier in my late 30’s.  I eat more organic, less fast food, and I wanted a healthy natural pregnancy and child birth.

People ask if I want to have more kids, and while I would – I don’t feel like I have the bandwidth to have more but I would give anything to experience the birth again.  There was something so spiritual and powerful in the natural birthing process especially compared to the hospital births that I experienced with my first two babies.

This site is a diary of my journey through nutrition, exercise, and my spiritual Hypnobabies home water-birth.  NaturalPregnancyProject.com is dedicated to all the momma’s who are taking control of their pregnancy and baby’s birth.

*I am not a healthcare professional