Early Birthing Time Video


My Body Likes To Have Baby’s Past Their Estimated Due Date

I went into labor 10 days past my due date with my 2 older kiddos so when this baby’s estimated due date came around we were a little frustrated, but not surprised that I did not go into labor.

The Spiritual Side of Birthing

My oldest son told me he had a feeling that the baby would not be born until he touched my belly. He then refused to touch me for the next 10 days. I followed him around the house begging him to touch the belly. My husband would randomly text him and ask him to come home and touch the belly.

We started to believe there might be some magic in the touch. Crazy? Not when you are 10+ months pregnant. 🙂

The Magic of the Early Birthing Time

On January 22, 2014 I woke up to use the restroom at around 12:45am and realized I had lost my plug.  I was having contractions, or pressure waves as we refer to them in Hypnobabies, but they were not regular or intense.  I knew the baby was coming soon.  I was too excited to sleep but knew I needed my rest. I stayed in bed as much as possible until things got a little more intense. (I’ll show that in the birthing videos.)

…and Fun

Around 11am, Conner came in and announced that he was ready to touch my belly.  I’m not sure if he felt that it was time or if he could tell I was in early labor.  Either way, we had a lot of fun with the laying of hands.  Watch the process in my early birthing time video above.